Calcium Nitrate LR/AR

Calcium Nitrate LR/AR
Calcium Nitrate LR/AR
Product Description

Calcium Nitrate LR/AR finds application in formulation of fertilizer and for pre-conditioning in wastewater treatment industries. It is known to have chemical formula Ca(NO3)2 with molar mass of 164.088 g/mol in anhydrous form. This compound appears as white colored granular solid with density of 2.504 g/cm3. It is said to be one of the most commonly used coagulants for latex production and also required in construction industry for settling concrete admixtures. Calcium Nitrate LR/AR decomposes on boiling and has melting point of about 561 degrees Celsius. It is soluble in ammonia and shows insolubility in nitric acid. 


Key Features:

  • Available in white to grey solid particles
  • Soluble in methanol, acetone and water solution
  • Emits nitroxide fumes when decomposes
  • Has 6 pH value in 5% aq. Concentration


Product Details:

  • Product Name : Calcium Nitrate LR/AR
  • Chemical Names : 10124-37-5; Calcium dinitrate; Lime nitrate; Norwegian saltpeter; Nitrocalcite
  • Molecular Formula : Ca(NO3)2 or CaN2O6
  • Molecular Weight : 164.086 g/mol
  • PubChem CID : 24963
  • IUPAC Name : calcium;dinitrate
  • CAS Number : 10124-37-5
  • EC Number : 233-332-1
  • Monoisotopic Mass : 163.938 g/mol
  • Exact Mass : 163.938 g/mol
  • Physical Description : White to light gray granular solid
  • Color : White, cubic crystals
  • Melting Point : 560°C
  • Solubility : Very soluble in water; freely soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone; Soluble in acetone; insoluble in ethanol
  • Density : 2.50 g/cm3
  • Decomposition : When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of nitroxides.
  • pH : 5% aq soln= 6.0
  • Air and Water Reactions : Deliquescent. Water soluble.
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